Giglioli's Whale is a whale is a cryptid that was discovered when Enrico Giglioli was observing sea life. He described it as having two dorsal fins, no known feature any other whales have. September 4, 1867, zoologist Giglioli spotted the whales while about 1200 miles off the coast of Chile. The pod of whales came up very close to Giglioli's ship for about twenty minutes, giving Giglioli a great opportunity to observe, and as you can see from the illustration below, he did a good job drawing the whales. The following year, two more sightings of the whales occured, and in 1983 between Corisca and the French mainland yet another sighting happened. French zoologist Jacques Maigret spotted the whale.
This whale is not known to the scientific community, but scientists classify it as a type of large baleen whale.
Notice the second dorsal fin on the bottom whale. This is what's thought to be Giglioli's Whale.