When sailing through Canada, Samuel de Champlain found a very large lake. Legends say that as he and his explorers were sailing through the area, they were fighting the Iriquois indian tribe, when their ship bumped into something huge in the water. Later in his journal he wrote:

"A 20 foot serptent as thick as a barrel, and a head like a horse."

Later though, he wrote that he thought what he saw and what the boat bumped into was a sturgeon fish, a massive, overgrown sturgeon fish.

One day while traveling to the lake with her family, Sandra Mansi had quite a vivid encounter with the monster. At one point, her kids were playing in the water, when she spotted something moving out in the distance. Out of the water came a head, and a long, curved, neck. She yelled at her kids to get out of the water, and she said as she was pulling out her camera, the monster looked right at her. She took only one photo, and said that the encounter lasted for about five minutes before Champ went back down. After that, Sandra left, and didn't show the picture to anyone, afraid that nobody would believe her. She hid the photo for seven years, and finally when she decided to take it in to get analyzed, the science commmunity boomed with the fact that there could still be a living dinosaur in the lake. Dr. Paul Ogwan, however, states that the object in the picture is merely a log that filled with air at the bottom of the lake, and rose to the surface of the water.

Sandra Mansi Pic
This is the most famous recorded picture of what is thought to be Champ, taking a breath. Champ is thought to be a plesiosaur, which in prehistoric times had lungs, not gills. Therefore, they had to surface to take a breath. This is what is thought to be a picture of Champ, the Lake Monster of Lake Champlian, taking a breath.

This is a picture of the Vermont Lake Monsters MILB Baseball team mascot, Champ.

This is a photo of a computer generated image reacting Sandra Mansi's encouter with the monster.

This is an artificial plesiosaur body on display in a museum.

This is a picture of what is thought to be the monster swimming alongside a boat in Lake Champlain.